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The SpLeisH Research Strategy

This strategy is due to be updated in the Summer of 2017

Sports and Leisure History (SpLeisH) is an emerging group within the MMU research environment and is beginning to attract inter-disciplinary support across the university. The group is based in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science (ESS) on the Crewe campus, where some members are involved in designing and delivering student-centred learning in the subject area, while the research activities of the group are primarily situated within the Institute of Humanities and Social Science Research (IHSSR) History Centre.

This is SpLeisH's first integrated Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy and it has been informed by the MMU RKE strategy published in November 2013. A central tenet of the strategy is the recognition that research and knowledge exchange are two sides of the same coin and that impact and income generation will increasingly become critical measures of success. The strategy acts as a template for progress and serves as a key reference point for future developments.

Download a copy of the strategy document to find out about our Key principles, objectives, strategic focus and actions.