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Sport and Leisure Symposium - Sports and Leisure History Research Team (SpLeisH)

Colloquium Programme


  View the programme for Friday 26th February
Friday 26th February
8.45 - 9.20 a.m.
9.20 a.m Welcome.
9.30 a.m.

Hans Henrik Appel Mosede Fort Museum, Denmark (20 mins)
The Nude Dancer - Adorée Villany: Art, the Female Body and Morals during WW1

Alison Goodrum MMU SpLeisH (20 mins)
Dressing Down: Casual Clothing and the 1930s Dude Ranch Vacation

Dejan Zec Institute for Recent History of Serbia, Belgrade (6 min 20sec)
Sports and politics in South-Eastern Europe, 1863-1918

10.40 a.m.
11.10 a.m.

Bob Nicholson Edgehill University (40 mins)
America and the Victorians: The Birth of a Transatlantic Leisure Culture

Jean-François Loudcher Université of Bourgogne/Franche-Comté (20 mins)
The advent of modern boxing: from Broughton to Queensberry (1743-1867)

Liam Hannan University of Manchester (20 min)
Martial Arts, Moaning, and Mockery: Style vs. Style debates in Edwardian Print Culture

Janice Li University of British Columbia, Canada (6 min 20sec)
Weapons Aestheticized and Commodified: Display in the Great Exhibition

1.10 p.m.
2.10 p.m.

Caitlin Davies Independent Scholar (40 mins)
Pulverising Records: Forgotten Women Champions and the Victorian Art of Swimming the River Thames

Bob Snape University of Bolton (20 mins)
Leisure, Sport and the Creation of Identity through Everyday Life in Mass Observation's Worktown, 1937-1939

Gary James MMU SpLeisH (6 min 20sec)
Changing Emblems: Consultation at Manchester City

Paul Goad Independent Scholar (6 min 20sec)
Football Fanzine Cartoon Characters as Representations of Identity, Conflict and Other

3.50 p.m. Coffee
4.10 p.m.

Adam Prime University of Leicester (20 mins)
British Officers and the Prominence of Sport in the Indian Army

Daphné Bolz University of Rouen, France (20 mins)
Fitness, sport and social hygiene in interwar Europe. Outlines of a research project

Justyna Wlodarczyk University of Warsaw (20 mins)
The Emergence of Canine Performance Sports in Poland after 1989

David Colquhoun National Library of New Zealand (6 min 20sec)
The Colonial Crack: Writing a life and times of George W. Smith

5.50 p.m 'Nibbles' and networking
6.30 p.m. Public Lecture

Rob Lake Douglas College, Canada (45 mins)
Social History of Tennis in the North West

8.00 p.m. Colloquium Dinner
  View the programme for Saturday 27th February
Saturday 27th February
8.45 - 9.00 a.m.
9.00 a.m.

Chair. Day

Geoff Swallow MMU SpLeisH (20 mins)
Whose Freddie? The struggle for Frederick Holman

Simon Eaves MMU SpLeisH (20 mins)
Pre-Great War Lawn Tennis: graceful swan or ugly duckling?

Ian Stone Durham University (20 mins)
Retrospective Assessment of Coaching Style and Quality: an exploratory study focusing upon Alec Nelson in the inter-war period

Hans Henrik Appel Mosede Fort Museum, Denmark (6 min 20sec)
The Circus during WW1

10.40 a.m.
11.20 a.m.

Janice Li University of British Columbia, Canada (20 mins)
From Great Exhibition to Department Stores: A Victorian Spectacle of Commodities and Social Lives

Craig Horner MMU SpLeisH (20 mins)
"He seems to have quite renounced cycling!" Cycling, motoring and the entrepreneur before 1914

Derek Martin MMU SpLeisH (20 mins)
Robert Cootes and Pedestrianism, 1827-1856

Paul Newsham Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland(6 min 20sec)
Unchartered territory: threats and opportunities in new research areas

12.40 p.m Lunch
1.40 p.m.

Brian Griffin Bath Spa University (40 mins)
Sport in Ireland during the Great Famine

Mel Reid De Montfort University (20 mins)
The Role of John MacGregor in the Early Development of Canoeing in Britain

Stijn Knuts KU Leuven - Ghent University, Belgium (6 min 20sec)
Belgian pride, Flemish lion, local hero: Cyriel van Hauwaert and multi-layered identity construction in early twentieth century Belgian cycling

3.10 p.m Coffee
3.30 p.m

Alex Jackson National Football Museum (20 mins)
'Who says "No More Football!"?': Football in the Boy's Story Papers of the Amalgamated Press, 1914-1916.

 Claire Robinson MMU SpLeisH (20 mins)
‘I’ve seen it in Black and White’: Researching Victorian Periodicals

Dave Day MMU SpLeisH (6 min 20sec)
Female Employees and the Victorian Public Baths

4.40 p.m Colloquium ends