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8 X 8


An Anthology of Short Stories with Illustrations


8 X 8 is the third annual MMU Cheshire / Stockport College illustrated anthology. By now we have established a few small traditions: that the stories will be a good read, that the anthology will be beautifully designed and illustrated, and that the title will be a variation on the first one – 6 X 6, back in 2009. (Last year it was 7 X 7, but I doubt the number will continue to go up each year; who knows, in 2012 we could be launching 5 X 5.)

The first stage of the process that results in this lovely product was at the end of 2010, when our third year writers submitted their fiction coursework. The best eight were chosen to go into the anthology and passed over to Stockport College. In February 2011, students on the second year of Stockport’s 3D Illustration degree were given the chance to compete to be a part of the project and either two or three illustrators worked on each story. In early May, a panel of tutors from both institutions met to look at the illustrations and make a decision about whose work would accompany the stories in the publication.

From the point of view of MMU Cheshire and Stockport College, this whole project is an entirely good thing. The anthologies are something that neither institution could have managed on its own. The writers and artists all benefit from having their work showcased. And having this very attractive product gives us an excuse to run a launch event, invite an audience and trumpet the creativity of our most talented students. Last year it was in the Manchester Literature Festival; this year, in the Didsbury Arts Festival.

Copies of 8 X 8 are available now, priced £4. If delivery involves postage, a charge for that may be made. For further information please contact:


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