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Research Degrees (MA by Research, MPhil, PhD)

Student reading in the library

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies provides courses both at undergraduate and postgraduate level in a variety of subject areas (Psychology, Sociology, Outdoor Studies, Abuse Studies, Childhood and Youth, Philosophy, Crime Studies, Film and TV and English). Consequently, staff have a plethora of research interests both within their specific disciplines as well as offering interdisciplinary insights into certain research topics.

Listed below are some of the research interests of staff in the department:

  Abuse Studies
  • Spiritual Abuse and Counselling
  • Faith and Abuse
  • Programmes for Intervention

  Childhood and Youth Studies
  • Work with Vulnerable Families
  • Social Welfare and Children

  Crime Studies
  • Commercial Sex Industry
  • Violence against women
  • Racism and Crime

  • 19th century Literature women and relationships
  • Literary Geographies
  • Modern and Contemporary Poetry
  • Romantic Poetry and Prose
  • Digital Literary Studies
  • Mediaeval Literature
  • Long 19th century- John Ruskin
  • Life writing and letter writing
  • Literature and Religion

  Film TV and Cultural Studies
  • Italian cinema
  • European cinema after 1945
  • American cinema
  • Film and radical politics
  • Film and ideology
  • Marxism and film
  • Film theory
  • Film historiography
  • Contemporary British cinema
  • American/British television drama
  • East Asian popular culture
  • Transnational television

  Outdoor Studies
  • Learning outside the curriculum
  • Youth aspirations and engagement
  • Sustainability in outdoor learning
  • Impacts of climate change on outdoor sports and environments
  • Recreational impact in upland areas
  • Impact of recreation on remote communities
  • Gender representation in outdoor activities and adventure sports
  • Ethnic participation in outdoor recreation

  • Medical epistemology, including evidence-based medicine and person-centred healthcare
  • Philosophy of management
  • Virtue epistemology and ethics
  • Professional ethics, bioethics and policy
  • Environmental philosophy
  • Philosophical psychology and the philosophy of the emotions
  • Film and literature as philosophy
  • Theories of value, well-being and flourishing
  • Ethics and non-human animals

  • Self and self harm
  • Mental Health
  • Disability
  • Autism
  • Carers

  • Youth Labour market
  • Youth Culture
  • Sociology of Gambling
  • Social Policy
  • Welfare Ideologies
  • Feminism

Further information

If you would like more information on studying for a research degree in the department please contact us.