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Teaching at all levels in Music is by means of individual tutorials, staff-led discussion, seminars and group-based workshops rather than by the traditional large-scale lecture. Similarly, we have found that course-work assessment – including various written, verbal, and practical elements – rather than formal examination promotes better learning and retention. The emphasis on combining the substantial practical element with written and verbal contextualisation, together with a high degree of student choice in the mode of assessment used, gives our work an individual and special character.

During your first two years of study your work will cover three broad areas of learning. You will be introduced to a variety of approaches to composing (developing performance and screen based work); you will work in a variety of performance settings (as deviser and/or performer from solo to group ensemble work); and you will begin to contextualise your practical work within a critical framework. At level 3 you will have the opportunity to negotiate your own areas of study in tutorial-led supervision mode alongside taught units.

Student Life/Student Perspective

“During my time at MMU Cheshire I have been able to develop my interest in and understanding of all forms of composition. On the course, I have worked with a variety of musicians from different backgrounds and traditions, including jazz improvisation, classical performance and commercial rock and pop bands. I have enjoyed all aspects of the course and have made many life-long friends. I’m looking forward to continuing my studies at post-grad level next year.”

Nicola Branch