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Contemporary Theatre & Performance (CTP)

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Contemporary Theatre & Performance

BA (Hons) Contemporary Theatre and Performance

BA (Hons) Contemporary Theatre and Performance is a single honours degree that aims to develop skilled, creative, informed and reflective practitioners in the broad and challenging field of contemporary theatre. Approaching the theatrical potential of the 'empty stage' in a dynamic relationship to the mediated, global environment of our time, the emphasis is on how you might make the theatre a live and exciting reflection of, and response to, today and the future.

BA (Hons) Contemporary Theatre and Performance focuses on practical ensemble performance situations, offering students the chance to significantly develop their work as performers, makers and scholars of contemporary theatre and performance. The programme includes voice and body training, innovative approaches to the relationship between theory and practice, major student projects and large scale directed performances often taken to international contexts.

BA (Hons) Contemporary Theatre and Performance is delivered by an international staff of professional contemporary theatre and performance artists and scholars, augmented by input from a range of visiting theatre artists. The performance studios and facilities available to students on the degree, managed by a dynamic team of performance technicians, are amongst the most extensive in the country. The degree also benefits significantly from the presence on campus of the Axis Arts Centre and its highly respected programme of professional, and often challenging, touring theatre and performance.

So, if you believe theatre and performance are not outdated art forms destined to reprise old productions whilst playing second fiddle to film and television, if you have the drive and the commitment to work at and extend the leading edge of new theatre practice, if you want an exciting three years of making, debating and exploring contemporary theatre and performance, then this programme could be for you.

Want to know what our students think of Contemporary Theatre and Performance?

"This course has allowed me to be the artist I always wanted to be. It has been a challenging, rewarding and incredible journey, that has tested and nurtured me in so many ways, and I feel a different person for it. I can confidently express who I am as an artist and that is thanks to CONTEMPORARY THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE."


"I never knew you could have so much fun, whilst learning so much. This course has changed me as a person - I'm confident, professional and ambitious, qualities I would never have associated with myself prior to this course."


"CONTEMPORARY THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE challenges you both creatively and academically. It encourages you to excel in both, and gives you skills that will benefit you in any professional field."


"CONTEMPORARY THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE has allowed me to make the theatre I want to create, with the professional guidance of some amazing and supportive tutors."


"Nothing is like it! It's rare to find a course this unique and rewarding. It teaches you how to be an artist, and it teaches you so much about yourself."


"CONTEMPORARY THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE teaches you the art of thinking outside the box."


"Being able to create work with total freedom has enabled me to become more optimistic and creative, and to look at the world in a different way."


"CONTEMPORARY THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE is a one of a kind experience, that will open you mind to new ideas and concepts."


"CONTEMPORARY THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE teaches you to be an individual. You leave with the skills to do anything. Want to be in theatre? This course will teach you to be a writer, actor/performer, director, choreographer, scenographer, dramaturg and technician..."


"CONTEMPORARY THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE gives you the confidence to do, say and think what you want."


"CONTEMPORARY THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE is a very special and unique course. It teaches you so much about yourself, and the way you look at and create theatre."


"CONTEMPORARY THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE is for people wanting to learn and produce new and innovative theatre that challenges convention. It is enjoyable, but not for the faint hearted!"


"CONTEMPORARY THEATRE AND PERFORMANCE is a unique course. It gives you an opportunity to experiment with all elements of theatre making, in order to help you discover who you are as an artist, and what kind of work you want to create. The tutors you work with are all artists, researchers and curators at the top of their field, and their knowledge and advice has been invaluable to my artistic development."


"During my degree I developed a huge range of skills from lighting and sound to script writing and physical theatre. The course allowed me to explore my strengths and weaknesses as a performer, which led me to grow as an artist and discover my path for after university. Incredibly valuable - and so much fun!"


"CTP taught me how I can reinvent theatre. It helped me to stay up to date with current issues in the world and how to make a piece of theatre that addressed those issues. The course doesn't teach a specific method of theatre making, instead it helped my own ideas and interests grow, and taught me how to turn them into successful theatre. I'd recommend this course to anybody interested in developing themselves as a person and as an artist."


"The Contemporary Theatre and Performance course shaped me not only as a person, but as a contemporary theatre artist able to produce and devise performance work for a wide range of audiences, and from all backgrounds. I learnt to push the boundaries and challenge the audience - to make experiences and raise questions beyond the scope of a typical theatre event. I learnt to produce my own work in a variety of different spaces and settings. Yet most of all, I learnt what it takes to become an artist."

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