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Contemporary Theatre & Performance

2016 Entry

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Contemporary Theatre & Performance

BA (Hons) Contemporary Theatre and Performance

BA (Hons) Contemporary Theatre and Performance is a single honours degree that aims to develop skilled, creative, informed and reflective practitioners in the broad and challenging field of contemporary theatre. Approaching the theatrical potential of the 'empty stage' in a dynamic relationship to the mediated, global environment of our time, the emphasis is on how you might make the theatre a live and exciting reflection of, and response to, today and the future.

BA (Hons) Contemporary Theatre and Performance focuses on practical ensemble performance situations, offering students the chance to significantly develop their work as performers, makers and scholars of contemporary theatre and performance. The programme includes voice and body training, innovative approaches to the relationship between theory and practice, major student projects and large scale directed performances often taken to international contexts.

BA (Hons) Contemporary Theatre and Performance is delivered by an international staff of professional contemporary theatre and performance artists and scholars, augmented by input from a range of visiting theatre artists. The performance studios and facilities available to students on the degree, managed by a dynamic team of performance technicians, are amongst the most extensive in the country. The degree also benefits significantly from the presence on campus of the Axis Arts Centre and its highly respected programme of professional, and often challenging, touring theatre and performance.

So, if you believe theatre and performance are not outdated art forms destined to reprise old productions whilst playing second fiddle to film and television, if you have the drive and the commitment to work at and extend the leading edge of new theatre practice, if you want an exciting three years of making, debating and exploring contemporary theatre and performance, then this programme could be for you.

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