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Grammy award-winning music producer visits Cheshire

Black Sabbath producer Mike Exeter offers advice to students

Wednesday 19 October, 2016

Record Producer Mike Exeter with students

Mike Exeter, who won a Grammy award for his work on Black Sabbath’s ‘13’ album recently visited Cheshire for a morning studio masterclass with students from the Musics Network based at Cheshire.

Joined by Solid State Logic’s Senior Vice President for International Sales Jim Motley, both guests held a question and answer session with the students and the guests shared their vast array of music industry knowledge.

The session allowed students to get an insight into Mike’s work with the band Black Sabbath including tracking Tony Iommi’s Guitars and working on songs with Ozzy Osbourne.

Invaluable experience

Dr Jason Woolley, Programme Leader for the Musics Network, said: "Mike had some very clear messages on his approach to production and also took the opportunity to discuss his other work with Judas Priest and Cradle of Filth to name a few.

"Jim Motley was able to discuss his role in the music industry and imparted what it was like to work for industry legend Peter Gabriel.

"From the feedback we had from students, this was clearly an invaluable experience for them, and an excellent contribution to the development of their future employability."


Mike and Jim also joined the Cheshire 'Meet the Employers' event forum and responded to general questions on employability and their experiences of the music industry.

Other members of the forum panel included Production Base, the Environmental Agency, The Civil Service and a representative from Manchester City Football Club.

The broad range of practitioners offered advice on seizing opportunities, working hard and the importance of determination in all job sectors.