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Research in the Department of Contemporary Arts grows out of a distinctive approach to learning and teaching with a cross-disciplinary emphasis.

Find out more about our research subjects and topics by clicking on the following links:

  •   Music, Popular Music, Music Technology, Creative Music Production  
  •   Dance  
  •   Drama, Theatre, Contemporary Theatre Practice  
  •   Creative Writing  
  •   Contemporary Arts, Live & Installation Art, Art and Intermedia  
  •   Overarching Themes  

Music, Popular Music, Music Technology, Creative Music Production

  • Music Composition
  • Musicology
  • Music Improvisation
  • American music
  • Music technology
  • Popular music
  • Laptop Performance (or generic Digitised Performance)
  • Jazz
  • Music Publishing
  • Accessibility and Music
  • Assistive Technologies
  • Community Music


  • Dance & Somatics
  • Choreography
  • Dance Video (or generic Digitised Performance)
  • Experimental Dance (or generic Experimental Practices)
  • Experimental Notation
  • Movement Analysis
  • Community Dance (or generic Community or Socially Engaged Practices)

Drama, Theatre, Contemporary Theatre Practice

  • Dramaturgy
  • American Theatre
  • Political Theatre
  • Contemporary Drama
  • Contemporary Theatre Practice (or simply Theatre Practices)
  • Performance Strategies
  • Community Theatre (or generic Community or Socially Engaged practices)
  • Royal Court Theatre
  • Verbatim Theatre
  • Experimental Performance (or generic Experimental Practices)
  • Theatre Anthropology/Ethnography
  • Directing
  • Site based Performance (or generic Site Based Practices/Site Specificity

Creative Writing

  • Writing for Performance (or Script Writing)
  • Fiction Writing
  • Experimental Writing (or generic Experimental Practices)
  • Hyper-textual Writing Practices (or generic Digitised and/or Hyper-textual Practices, Open-Source etc)

Contemporary Arts, Live & Installation Art, Art and Intermedia

  • Live Art & Visual Practice
  • Digitised Performance
  • Multimedia
  • Intermediality
  • Interdisciplinary Dialogues
  • Installation & Site Specificity
  • Creativity & Education
  • Community and/or Relational Practices
  • Socially Engaged Practices

Overarching Themes

  • Practice as Research: Practice based Research, Documenting the Ephemeral, Process-led, Curating Knowledge, Creative/Discursive Processes,
  • Interdisciplinary: multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary practices and methodologies
  • critical theory: meta discourses, deconstruction, analysis, gender, ritual
  • historical and contextual: creative embodied approaches or perspectives, critical / cultural engagement/discourses, role of art in contemporary society, social net-working/new technologies in the contemporary arts

Research interests

Visit our staff profiles for further information on individual interests.