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Verity Venue’s founder delivers guest lecture

Thursday 13 April, 2017

Verity Deaville, founder of VerityVenue

Verity Deaville, founder of Verity Venues, delivered a guest lecture to our Sustainable Relationship Marketing master students and final year degree students studying Global Services marketing. Verity’s presentation focused on developing and managing meaningful business relationships, as well as giving students useful tips on developing entrepreneurial skills.

Verity shared her experience of setting up her own business and told students how she left a successful career to start her own company - a rewarding choice she wished she’d made earlier. Verity discussed how she placed value on building up strong networks and nurturing long lasting relationships based on mutual trust and commitment.

As a successful and self-made business woman, Verity stressed how failure was not an option when starting a new venture, and that retaining customer loyalty was paramount in business. She insisted on the benefits of offering customers a good deal: "this is less about you as a business improving your own productivity for cost management, and more about how your company passes this onto your customers".

Verity talked students through her promotional strategy and explained how networking and social media were vitally important to entrepreneurs nowadays. She was especially keen to share her business values based on honesty and integrity, outstanding quality, friendliness and attention to detail.

"In challenging employment conditions, Verity’s story is an inspiration to those students who have already made the choice of working independently and creating their own business. For others, Verity’s business is a shining example of how passion and positivity can lead to successful and rewarding outcomes, both at personal and at professional level", said Nathalie Ormrod, unit leader and senior lecturer in marketing.