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History of the Cheshire Campus


The Cheshire campus has a long and varied history stretching back over 100 years. Read about some of the key milestones in the timeline below:


1908 - Crewe College of Education: The Cheshire Loyal Education Authority built a training college for new teachers to contribute to the gap in teaching staff for Cheshire's many new schools. The first students arrived in 1912.


1947 - Alsager College of Education: The Alsager campus inherited the structures of a wartime hostel, as the 20-acre site had played an important role in the country's war effort by providing living space for 1,000 female munitions workers from a nearby factory. The facilities proved ideal for a student population that was training to help provide the 50,000 new teachers needed due to the school-leaving age increasing from 14 to 15.


1974 - Crewe and Alsager College: Amid much controversy and as a result of the White Paper entitled A Framework for Expansion, Crewe and Alsager colleges amalgamated to become the Crewe and Alsager College of Higher Education.


1992 - Merger with Manchester Polytechnic: Manchester Polytechnic, established in 1972, incorporated Manchester College of Art and Design, the Manchester College of Commerce and the John Dalton College of Technology. Following this, in 1977 it absorbed the Didsbury College of Education, Hollings College and, then in 1983, the City of Manchester College of Higher Education. Under the terms of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992, Manchester Polytechnic became a university.


1992 - Manchester Metropolitan University: At only 30 miles from the city centre campus, the Crewe and Alsager College of Higher Education proved a window of opportunity for Manchester Met's expansion. So, with cheaper land costs and good quality accommodation, on 01 October 1992 the Cheshire campus became part of Manchester Metropolitan University. As a result of this expansion to South Cheshire, Manchester Met became the third largest university in Britain, after the universities of London and Manchester.


2003 onwards: It was decided that a single campus would be more suitable for the University's presence in Cheshire and so staff and students based at the Alsager campus moved to the Crewe campus, which was chosen as the location for Manchester Metropolitan University in Cheshire. Over £70million has since been invested into the campus, now known as the Cheshire campus, with a student accommodation complex that opened in 2006, a £6million Contemporary Arts complex opened in 2009 and a bespoke £10million Exercise and Sport Science centre opened in 2010.